Wool shag rugs are certainly stylish and become the popular area rug of choice for many homeowners. Unfortunately, these trendy rugs are by far one of the most difficult to clean. It takes a lot for them to look and stay clean, especially if your home is filled with pets or an abundance of foot traffic. Wool shag rugs are nearly impossible to clean without high-quality products or the help of professional area rug cleaning services.

Whether you own a wool shag area rug or are browsing the market for one, read on to discover some valuable information on the wool shag rug.

1. Shag Rugs Can Turn Yellow Over Time

Wool does tend to yellow over time due to exposure to specific chemicals, light or if they were designed with a latex backing. Many wool shag area rugs are bleached or whitened in some way to make them appear more presentable. However, this process can actually damage the wool itself. Even using a less-invasive whitening method on the shag rug cannot prevent the damage already done to the wool fibres.

2. Larger Shag Rugs Are Much More Difficult To Vacuum

Regular vacuums cannot handle shag rags and can damage them. Royal Carpet Cleaning’s area rug cleaning services will assess the rug, both front and back, and apply a pre-treatment prior to cleaning and vacuuming. Suctioning from the vacuum can actually damage the wool rug, which is why many area rug cleaning services avoid vacuuming the top. The bottom of the rug may be vacuumed to remove dirt deeply ingrained in fibres. Our area rug cleaning experts often use a cleaning solution to loosen dirt, residue and dust and extract any water and dirt with a controlled handheld vacuum.

3. Acrylic Shag Rugs Are Flammable

Real wool rugs can actually self-extinguish, but acrylic shag rugs are highly flammable. Many choose acrylic area rugs because they are similar in appearance to wool, without the hefty price. However, it lacks the high moisture content, vibrancy and even lustre of genuine wool. For homeowners, this is a problem as you may be bringing a highly flammable material into your home. Genuine wool is flame-resistant, which is why it’s the fabric of choice for floors, chairs and seats on an airplane!

4. Wool Shag Rugs Grab Onto Everything

Most wool rugs are felted, which means they function as magnets and grab onto everything from crumbs, dust, dirt and pet hair. This means that they become a haven for dirt, which produces odour. Wool shag area rugs may not be the best choice for homeowners with pets prone to curl and twist on their rugs.

Royal Carpet Cleaning offers area carpet cleaning services in Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Oakville and Mississauga. We’ll clean, disinfect and leave your area carpet looking brand new to improve the health of your home. Contact us for a free quote on our services at https://www.royalcarpetcleaning.ca/contact-us/!

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