Royal Carpet Cleaning prides itself on its dedication to quality service. Every month, we clean many condo and apartment units across the GTA. If you’re concerned about how we get our steam-cleaning equipment up many floors, don’t worry! Our equipment is portable and can easily hook up to a variety of water sources.

Carpet Cleaning

Learn more about the benefits of carpet cleaning and realize how important it is for the maintenance of not only your home but also your condo and apartment unit. Just because you live a few floors in the sky, doesn’t mean you’re safe from dust mites and allergens! In fact, depending on the age of your condominium and the condo builder who built it, your home may be even more susceptible to outside pollutants that rise into your unit, and poor air circulation that causes dust mites and allergens to invade your home.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in condos

Not to worry, there is a solution! Maintaining your home and condo unit with annual or semi-annual carpet cleaning, periodic tile cleaning, and of course, regular upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and area rug cleaning will help ensure you and your family are safe from harmful allergens accumulating throughout your condo and/or apartment.

So just because you live in a condo or apartment building, just remember that it’s still your home and should be treated the same way with regular maintenance and cleaning. At Royal Carpet Cleaning, we love to educate our clients on the importance of our services and strive to deliver quality, safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to all our customers.

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“The Royal Carpet Cleaning Team”

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