Carpet Cleaning in Burlington

Royal Carpet & Duct Cleaning services are armoured with 25 years of experience to combat all your cleaning needs in Burlington. Our highly professional and affordable steam cleaning services are employed to remove all the dirt and stains from your residential and commercial interiors to safeguard your inner spaces from harmful bacteria. Royal Carpet & Duct Cleaning provides numerous cleaning services at competitive prices in Burlington.

Carpets are notorious for collecting tons of dirt and dust, becoming thriving grounds for bacteria and insects. Our Carpet Cleaners in Burlington rigorously clean your carpets to get rid of all the dirt trapped in the fibres. The maintenance of carpets prolongs their lives and gives them a brand new beginning at an extremely affordable price.

Area Rug Cleaning

Regardless of the high price tag, your area rug came with, cleaning it should be affordable. Our experts professionally clean your area rugs and help maintain its chic appeal by reviving its delicate threads.

Upholstery Cleaning

The prevalence of stains, dirt and grime dull the appearance of upholstery fabric over time. However, there is nothing to worry; our cleaners in Burlington offer a cost-effective cleaning that will have your upholstery look good as new.

The air that blows in and out of our windows and circulates in our interiors, often filters through our drapes, causing them to collect dirt, dust, and bacteria over time. Plainly vacuuming the drapes is an ineffective method of eliminating harmful particles. Our cleaners are equipped with an effective method and sturdy equipment to remove all harmful components trapped in our drapes.

Duct Cleaning

Impure air that circulates through our ducts can spread allergens and cause health issues, such as headaches, sinus attacks, breathing issues, and irregular sleep. Our duct cleaners are equipped with high-quality equipment to thoroughly clean our ducts and get rid of all micro-pollutants. The service will ensure the cleanliness and safety of the air we breathe.

Royal Carpet & Duct Cleaning services are designed to fulfil all your cleaning needs. If a small accident has left a spot or stain on your carpet, area rug or upholstery, you can rely on us to fix the problem entirely. Our teams are utilizing non-toxic and easy-to-use cleaning products to cleanse, deodorize, disinfect and remove all odours from the affected areas. We make sure to let the design and colours of fabric remain unaffected.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses consist of harmful dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, and bacteria. Simply cleaning the linens do not get rid of these harmful components. We professionally steam and sanitize your mattress for your well-being and safety.

Tile Cleaning

Our Cleaners also specialize in tile cleaning. We entirely remove all the build dirt and grout from your tiles, prolonging their lives and making them look as good as new.

We also provide Burlington with an emergency around the close service, seven days a week to fix and clean your property after water or sewage damage. We will take all the hassle of cleaning after a leakage off of your hands, at any time of the day and week.

Royal Carpet & Duct Cleaning experts are professionally trained and highly equipped to serve all your cleaning needs in Burlington. Visit to read about all our services in detail. You may also call to speak with us at 1-855-438-7692. Our line of emergency for all your water damage services is 905-595-0912.

Carpet Cleaning Burlington

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