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Furniture upholstery cleaning is an affordable and cost effective way to bring new life to your furniture fabric. Enhance your dining room with chair upholstery cleaning or simply return the brightness of colour to your favourtie couch. Dull upholstery designs become clearer, spots & stains are removed, and simply add protection to safeguard your investment. Our complete furniture upholstery cleaning package will make your furniture look like it just came from the showroom!

In this video, watch our upholstery cleaning equipment in action! Our deep steam-cleaning process ensures all the dirt, grime, stains from your furniture fabric is lifted effortlessly. Our upholstery cleaners can bring your furniture back to life! Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of upholstery cleaning.

Before upholstery cleaning vs. After upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

To extract all these harmful elements from your furniture fabric, we use deep-steam cleaning to completely transform your furniture upholstery from a dust and bacteria ridden magnet to an accessory with a clean bill of health. Clean furniture upholstery is an essential component to disinfecting & deodorizing your home of harfmul elements. Get your furniture upholstery cleaned by a professional service and make your furniture safe for you and your family to use.

Health benefits of furniture upholstery cleaning

Similar to carpet cleaning, there are also many health benefits to furniture cleaning. Over the years, furniture fabric can build up millions of dust particles, dust mites, allergens, grit, dirt and oily residue.

Leather Restoration

Leather is a unique type of upholstery that requires periodic cleaning too! Leather is created from animal hide in tanneries (from Italy to Morocco to around the world). It adds elegance and a touch of class to any room. Leather gets better with age, and over many years of use, it feels softer, more comfortable, and molds to its surroundings.But over time, lack of attention can cause natural wear and tear. Cracks begin to form and leather can fade in colour. Many people tend to neglect leather furniture cleaning in the household.

However, periodic leather cleaning and restoration can help return the colour, shine, and even the natural smell. Ask about our leather cleaning and restoration service. It is affordable and essential for protecting your leather furniture investment.


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We take pride in our furniture upholstery cleaning and are passionate about the work we do. Our number one priority is to leave you with the cleanest furniture upholstery and to provide excellent customer service. All furniture upholstery cleaning work is done to YOUR satisfaction. Our carpet cleaners will not leave until you are 100% satisfied. That is our philosophy, and those are the words we live by. 100% Satisfaction Gauranteed.

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