Over the past years, we have encountered many cases of bad odour present in carpets, upholstery, and other areas of the home. They vary from bacterial odours to human odours, to most common pet odours. In many cases, these odours come from accidents that take place and are not properly addressed or cleaned up.

For the purposes of this blog, we shall look at how Urine odour is tackled and the obstacles a carpet cleaner has to go through to eliminate its existence. As Scott Warrington explains, who has over 40 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry:

“Urine is really a three-pronged problem. There is stain, odour, and contamination. If you don’t address all three issues, you may not satisfy your client.”

He mentions that locating the odour is very important and if we do not perform the search properly we overlook areas that need treatment and the odour cannot properly be neutralized.

How do you detect where the odour is coming from?

There are 4 (Four) main ways of sourcing out where the bad urine odour is coming from.

– Nose: as one enters a home there is a very distinct urine odour that can be immediately sensed.

– Moisture Detector: this tool helps to detect which areas have a higher Alkaline salt concentration and in turn, helps to point a cleaner in the general area.

– Ultraviolet Light: using a high-powered ultraviolet light with a minimum of 385 nanometers can help a carpet cleaner find the urine stain from a few feet away and in fair lighting. Using black light can also bring out pet urine stains.

– Your Eyes: can easily show areas of any room that visibly have a yellow urine stain as the source of an odour. However, inspecting carpets from underneath can show that the stain can travel a few feet away from the source of an accident without visibly showing it above.

We at Royal Carpet Cleaning use some of the leading industry testing products to successfully remove the bad odours be it natural, synthetic or pet odours. Prochem is our leading supplier and with their line of products, we can get rid of most unwanted odours.



B245 Odor Rescue- removed unwanted odours by chemically modifying the bad stains and odours using oxygen. It is safe and gets the job done.
Learn more about B245 Odor Rescue for carpet cleaning and odour removal


For more tough stains we use B114 Urine Rescue- We use this product for the very aggressive pet urine stains and odours to ensure the complete removal of the spill. This uses the power of hydrogen peroxide and is safe on all colourfast carpets and upholstery.
Learn more about Prochem Urine Rescue for carpet cleaning and odour removal

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