Air exchangers help eliminate stale air and bring fresh air inside, which is very important because buildings need to breathe. This unit will bring in fresh air from the outside while removing stale air from your indoors and is necessary because newer construction projects have better insulation and fewer air leaks, so the air inside will be better sealed. Eventually, this air will become stale, and it can also trap toxins that get released from furniture and carpets.

The quality of your indoor air must be prioritized because this is extremely important for your health. Opening a window is great, but this is not enough because it’s not as efficient, and it’s also not very practical because you would have to open all of the windows in your house or commercial building, which is unrealistic. Additionally, the outdoor air quality in many places is worse than the air inside, so this is not the solution, and air exchangers need to be installed. Efficient ventilation is a must as this will bring outside air into a home or commercial property and will remove the polluted air inside.

Air exchangers will supply your home with fresh air while exhausting stale air, and there are two options, including Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV). HRV removes moisture and brings fresh air into the home, which is already pre-heated by the existing outdoor air. There are no coils, and the unit runs by fans, and this air exchanger is ideal for dry, non-humid climates. An ERV will pre-heat the air from outside the facility during the winter and pre-cool the air from the outside during the summer to help you achieve your desired temperature. This will provide you with comfort while you’re indoors, so this type of air exchanger is perfect for climates that experience both hot and cold seasons. There is no drain required for condensation, and an ERV will allow you to control the humidity levels in your house.

On the other hand, duct cleaning is a process during which various parts of your forced-air heating and cooling system are cleaned. This is done to remove dust and other particulates. A professional technician will dislodge contaminants from the surfaces of your HVAC system. The loosened particles will be collected and removed from the house through a powerful vacuum system.  Your central air conditioning or heating system will continuously circulate air between your living space and HVAC equipment and will also draw fresh air into your home from the outside. This will cause dust particles to accumulate inside your air ducts, and duct cleaning is necessary for their removal.

Air exchangers are a great everyday appliance that can help you maintain fresh oxygenated air in either a residential or commercial property, while duct cleaning should be done every few years to prevent debris and microbes from recirculating around your home.

Indoor air quality is very important, and Royal Carpet Cleaning will help eliminate unwanted dust particles from your environment. This will make a very big difference, and everyone at home or at your workplace will breathe better as a result. Contact us today to hear more about our services!

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