A water emergency is a serious problem because it can affect both the exterior and interior of your home. A water heater mishap, a burst pipe, stormwater or sewage issues are all problematic because they can cause massive amounts of water to enter your home. Even a small leak can be problematic, so it must be addressed right away.

If you ever experience flooding inside your home, you must call a plumber right away and the following tips will keep you busy and your carpets safe until professional help arrives:

  1. Make sure safety is a priority. This is extremely important and should be your first thought. If you don’t feel safe, make sure you and all of your family members leave the house. Water damage is dangerous because there is always the possibility of slipping or falling and electrical hazards can be part of the problem as well. For peace of mind, you may want to consider leaving.
  2. Turn off the main water supply valve right away. It’s always good to know where the shutoff valve is located so that you don’t panic in an emergency and don’t waste your time trying to find it. Make sure you know its location ahead of time so that you’re prepared.
  3. Turn off the electricity to the rooms that are flooded if it is safe to do so. Never walk or wade through water in order to reach your breaker box because you could be shocked, so if this is what you must do, skip this step.
  4. If your electricity is still on and you can reach your sump pump safely, check it to see if you can get it to operate. A working sump pump is the fastest way to get water out of your basement if it is flooded. Pull up on the float switch and do a quick inspection to see if an electrical cord or other object is preventing the float switch from turning on.
  5. If it is safe to be inside, you can begin to remove excess water using a mop and can blot the floors. Focus on wood furniture and upholstery to keep them from getting damaged. Try to create a barrier between soaked carpet and furniture legs using plastic containers or aluminum foil.
  6. If you notice that your ceiling is wet, do not use any of your ceiling fixtures. You should also stop using your TV and household appliances.
  7. Place family heirlooms, art, and other sentimental or valuable objects in a safe and dry area.

If you ever experience water damage, Royal Carpet Cleaning can help. We offer a number of services, including drapery and upholstery cleaning, spot and stain removal, duct cleaning and more. Whether you need to have your tiles, mattress or area rug cleaning, we can help. We service the Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Oakville and Mississauga areas and specialize in commercial carpet cleaning as well. Give us a call today to find out more!

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