On average, a person will spend more than a third of their life on their mattress. Dead skin cells, dust, hair, sweat, and potentially bugs could be hidden in plain sight on your bed. With that in mind, when was the last time you did a deep clean of your mattress? More people vacuum their couch more than their mattress, even though they spend a lot more time in their bed.

It is generally recommended that you clean your mattress at least twice a year. The best time to clean your mattress is when you flip it over since it allows you to clean both sides at the same time. If you have a pillow-top or another mattress that doesn’t require to be flipped, then you should still clean it twice a year, but just the top of it. To ensure you are always sleeping on a clean mattress every time you go to bed, you should also get your mattress deep cleaned once a year. If you live in Ontario and are looking to get your mattress professionally cleaned using only the best techniques and supplies, then you need to bring your mattress to Royal Carpet Cleaning. What sets us apart from the rest? Read below to get a sneak-peek on the process we use to clean mattresses.

The Royal Carpet Cleaning Advantage

The first step in our mattress cleaning process is to use a specially designed vacuum that gets deep into the crevices of your mattress to pick up all the dirt, dust, dead skin, and bugs. The bristles and power of our vacuum ensure that nothing is missed, even the debris that has been hiding in your mattress for many years.


The second step is to check for any stains and spot treat them with our herbal medical-grade disinfectant. The disinfectant is called Benefect and it allows us to treat the bacteria spots on your mattress that may be a food source for dust mites and bed bugs.

The next step is to deodorize and sanitize your mattress so that it smells and looks fresh! We use a secret cleaning product that is safe, environmentally friendly, and ministry-approved so you can keep your mind at ease that your mattress will be even cleaner than when you first bought it. The sanitation process will remove bed bugs, dust mites, harmful bacteria, and other allergens from your mattress that may have caused your problems in the past. You will be able to sleep better knowing that your mattress is free of any unwanted bacteria and bugs!

At Royal Carpet Cleaning, we have over 25 years of experience cleaning mattresses, carpets, and rugs. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, most affordable, and professional cleaning service that you expect! Call us today at 905-595-0912 to book your mattress cleaning appointment. Stop sleeping in a dirty mattress; you deserve to sleep in a fresh and great-smelling bed that will last a long time while giving you the comfort to get a good night’s rest!

All credit goes to Royal Carpet and Duct Cleaning

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