Stain Removal

You get a beautiful new carpet installed in your home, and it’s perfect. It’s soft under your toes, matches your decor, and is a beautiful ivory colour… perfect for highlighting spills and stains. When you spill something on your carpet, your immediate instinct is to start scrubbing away at it to try and get rid of it. Does this really help though? Or does it cause even more problems for your carpet?

Blotting vs. Scrubbing

Even though you may want to scrub your carpet immediately, you should never start with scrubbing, though you may have to scrub to get the stain up later. When you spill something, you will want to begin with blotting to try and remove as much liquid as you possibly can from the spill. After this, you may need to scrub with stain remover to get the colour out of the carpet.

To blot you will want to get a cloth or, preferably, some paper towels, and cover as much of the spot as possible. Press down firmly on top of the paper towel to absorb the spill and repeat with fresh paper towels until no further liquid can be absorbed.

There are many different stain removers available on the market that you can use to treat a stain once you have removed the liquid. Store-bought stain removers can do a great job powering through even the toughest of red wine stains. You can always try to use a mixture of soap and water on your own before breaking out something a little more harsh to try and protect your carpet from any kind of bleaching.

If you try the more gentle soap and water method first, then mix soap with water into a spray bottle. Spray the stain and blot, don’t scrub, the area. Continue to blot the stain like this until the stain fades away. If it just won’t go away though then it may be time to scrub and get some professional stain remover.

If you do end up with a stained carpet and can’t get it to go away on your own, then you should contact a professional carpet cleaning company. They will have the machinery, products, and expertise to be able to get rid of the worst stains and return your carpet, area rug, or upholstery to their original condition, or better. You will want to call as soon as possible after getting a stain, to give the pros the best chance they have to remove it.

We take stain removal very seriously at Royal Carpet Cleaning. Our team is knowledgeable and can tackle any kind of area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, or upholstery cleaning. Just give us a call, and you will see how we can return your stained carpet to brand new. Contact us today for a quote if the blotting and scrubbing you do on your own just won’t cut it, or if you want to bring your carpets back to their original glory!

All credit goes to Roya Carpet and Duct Cleaning

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