A traditional carpet is different from a Persian or Oriental rug. It is made differently and is used for different purposes. An area rug, for instance, is more intricate and finely hand-woven and hence requires greater care. Your wall-to-wall carpet, on the other hand, is manufactured with a machine using a synthetic material. In just one minute, the machine can produce 15 feet of carpet, unlike a hand-woven area rug that can take up to two years or longer for a superior finish.

Carpets are made of fibre that is fixed with latex adhesive and plastic backing material. Area rugs need more care to clean without damage while a wall-to-wall carpet does well from regular carpet steam cleaning.

Special Treatment for your Area Rug

Area rugs make a statement. Hand-knotted Persian or Oriental area rugs are once in lifetime investment. They are made from natural materials such as wool, silk, and jute and need more care because they are made from complex fibers that have tiny crevices that can hold debris in tight knits. While it’s tough to clean them out completely, they do need special handling to avoid damage. Steam cleaners remove debris primarily from the surface. Rigorous pressure to clean out tiny crevices can damage the natural fibers of an area rug. You also need enough drying time.

It is best to have area rugs cleaned by a certified professional who has the education and expertise to clean your rug thoroughly, without damaging the natural fibers. You can also follow these simple tips for continued care, deep cleaning yourself, and stain removal.

Area rugs provide ornamental value even as they protect the floor and create a cozy warmth to brighten up a section of your home. While cleaning area rugs, it is important to understand the material, and cleaning requirements for that material and remember to prolong life, even as you deep clean. Each material requires a different cleaning technique. The size of the area rug is also an important consideration. Professional cleaners are familiar with every requirement.

Most Area Rugs are Cleaned in the Following Way

Vacuum Cleaning

First, you need to vacuum that rug to remove dust and grime. Flip over the carpet to vacuum both sides. Try not to vacuum the fringe with long fibers to prevent tangling.

Remove Pet Hair

Fine pet hair does not get sucked out of an area rug easily as it does from a machine-made wall-to-wall carpet. Use a brush in the direction of the rug to remove hair.

No Shoes

Keep area rugs away from the sun and shoes. It will wear out fast if you don’t handle it with care and the rug will be difficult to clean with it has stains and mud. Foot traffic can put extra stress. Turn them over if both sides look similar if it is used roughly.

Shake Area Rugs

It’s best to smaller area rugs by shaking them out on the balcony or patio once in a while. Check to see if there are any regulations about shaking rugs outdoors, especially if you are in an apartment or condo.

Specialty Rugs

For specialty rugs, use a rug shampoo. Braided rugs are usually washable. Place large braided rugs on a concrete or vinyl floor over a blanket. You can apply carpet cleaning foam with a sponge all over the surface and rub it in the direction of the weave. Rinse or vacuum, Dry thoroughly before placing it back.

Whether your area rug is woven, braided, or delicately hand-knotted in wool and silk, have them professionally cleaned once a year and avoid direct exposure to sunlight to them in pristine condition for years.

Royal Carpet Cleaning

We have been serving the GTA with over 25 years of combined experience. We offer high-quality, affordable, professional steam-cleaning services for carpets and area rugs that are second to none. Call us to get rid of stains and bring life to vintage or delicate Oriental and Persian area rugs.


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