Everyday rugs contain labels and understanding them can be confusing. The labels will provide you with bits and pieces of information and you will be left wondering about its features and whether or not the rug will be able to serve your needs. It will also cause you to wonder about the cleaning process, which is very important and by the time you are done reading the label, you may be more confused than you were originally. This is common because the descriptions are not always clear and it can feel overwhelming.

The following guide will provide you with a better understanding of rug labels and what they really mean:

Polypropylene (BCF) Rugs
These rugs are very affordable and are ideal if you are looking for something inexpensive to place at the entrance of a tool shed or garage, for example.

Heat-set Polypropylene Rugs
The yarn in these rugs is processed to produce soft fibres that will resist wear and repel stains. Vacuuming these rugs is very easy to do because they are anti-static, so animal hairs and lint will not stick to the fibres. These types of rugs will generally have a points system and the higher the points, the better the quality.

Hand-tufted Acrylic (Hand-tufted Acrylic Polyester) Rugs
The acrylic fibres are glued to the backing after tufting, meaning there is looping without the tying of any knots. The production of these rugs is very quick and the process of making them is simple, so their cost is very affordable. Some of these rugs contain added polyester but their properties and maintenance are the same.

Modern Wool Rugs
Wool rugs are available in a wide range of qualities and price points. The less expensive options generally come from India while the more expensive ones are made with New Zealand wool, which is softer. Both options are great and you will be able to choose between a softer rug and a lower priced alternative.

Shag Rugs
These rugs are very comfortable to sit on and will not show marks or wear, which is why they are often placed in children’s rooms or play areas. Shag pile rugs were once extremely popular and are still desirable in modern designs today because they are easy to vacuum.

Natural Fibre And Jute Rugs
These types of rugs are becoming incredibly popular because of their beautiful and unique design. They are hand-made and come in a variety of shapes, including round, which is often hard to find. The cleaning process is a little harder, so that is one aspect you need to keep in mind.

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