If you’re planning on doing some spring cleaning, then you should probably add your curtains to your to-do list. But first, you’ll need to know how to clean them like a professional. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

How Often Should You Clean Them?

Besides paying attention to the cleaning instructions, you should clean your curtains once a year at most. Each clean will shorten the lifespan of your curtains as well as make some of its beauty fade. Unless your drapes are extremely soiled, then it’s better to just freshen them up and dust them regularly.

Check The Label

Before continuing with any cleaning, check the care label on your curtains to see what the manufacturer recommends. This can be hand washing, steaming, vacuuming, dry cleaning or if they can be put in the washing machine. Follow the care instructions for the best way to clean your curtains.

Do A Spot Test

Whatever the method, you should do a spot test and clean only one small inconspicuous area on your curtains before diving into the whole thing. For example, if you’re machine washing, test out a small spot to see if your curtains are compatible with your detergent.

If you’ve only soiled a spot on your drapes, then only wash that part. Be careful not to be too vigorous when cleaning as you might damage your curtains. You might also end up with an area that is cleaner than the rest.

Dry Cleaning Counts As Deep Cleaning

Some curtains are able to go into the wash, but others need to be dry cleaned. You can take yours to your local dry cleaners to get them deep cleaned. Remember that every time they are cleaned, they fade a bit, and that goes for dry cleaning as well. Keep that in mind when doing spring or summer cleaning.

Cleaning your drapes can cause some anxiety and having them cleaned every few years won’t decrease their lifespan significantly. However, tidying them here and there is the best solution for keeping them both clean and protecting their longevity.

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