Area rugs are a great addition to any home, although there are a few mistakes that are often made with this item and the following ones are the most common:

Choosing An Area Rug That Is Too Small

This is a very common mistake that is seen in different areas of the house. A lot of people like to place rugs under their kitchen or dining table and this is a great idea if you get the right sized rug. Choosing one that is too small will make your space feel crowded and will create an awkward setting because your chairs will be forced to fit within the borders of the rug. Additionally, your floors can become damaged because the chairs are constantly going to be moved and shifted so that they can find a spot on the rug. When the chairs are pulled out, they need to remain on the rug, so you need to select one that is big enough to accommodate this aspect. This applies to your living room and bedroom as well, so make sure you select a rug that is bigger than your coffee table or bed so that it is visible and complements the space.

Purchasing The Wrong Type Of Area Rug

There are so many styles and materials of area rugs to choose from, so you need to be careful; otherwise, you can end up selecting the wrong rug for your space. Wool rugs, for example, are extremely luxurious but will retain water and moisture, so they cannot be placed in bathrooms or other humid spaces. These types of rugs would also have to be professionally cleaned, so if you’re looking for low maintenance options, wool rugs would not be the best option. If the rug is going to be placed in a high traffic area, you need to choose a material that can handle this, so consider durability as much as appearance so that you make the right choice.

Focusing Too Much On Matching

While it’s nice for certain pieces in your home to match, this does not have to be the case for every item and does not apply to rugs. Choosing décor pieces and furniture sets that all match will make your home appear too perfect and unnatural. You should focus on coordinating your pieces as opposed to forcing everything to match, so don’t be afraid to combine different materials and patterns together. Choose different rugs for different areas of your home as this will allow you to show off your personal style and your home will be much more stylish as a result.

Once you find the perfect area rugs, you will have to maintain them and Royal Carpet Cleaning can help in this regard! We will make sure your rugs and carpets remain in perfect condition, so if you require cleaning services and are in the Hamilton, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington or Mississauga areas, give us a call now!

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