If ducts are not cleaned regularly, they can recirculate germs and even infections. Dirty ducts are very problematic and will negatively affect the quality of your indoor air, so it is a must that they are cleaned periodically. This is even more important with the COVID-19 pandemic because research suggests that the virus can be transmitted through dirty ventilation systems.

Most people think the virus can only be transmitted through direct contact, but airborne particles being carried through your HVAC system can cause the virus to spread as well. There is more research being done regarding this possibility and its effects, but the evidence collected thus far indicates that dirty ventilation systems can play a role in circulating the virus as the droplets containing it can spread. This can cause you, your family members or employees to become infected, which is why you need to clean and change your ventilation and filtration systems to reduce this risk. The spread of the COVID-19 virus is very dangerous, and something that needs to be taken seriously, which is why home and business owners are being urged to clean their vents and to replace their filters as these steps can help fight the spread of this virus.

If you hear excessive noise during operation or notice particles of dust being blown out of the ducts, these are signs that you have dirty or clogged filters. Reduced efficiency and mold accumulation are also signs of a problem as are coughing and nasal congestion, so if your HVAC system is experiencing or causing any of these problems, make sure you clean your ducts and replace your filters right away.

The quality of your indoor air is very important because it will affect your health and wellness. Germs can be blown around, which can harm the occupants, and excessive dust can lead to allergies. Cleaning your air ducts regularly is very important as it will make a big difference in terms of safety and comfort and will drastically improve the quality of your indoor air. Dust, hair, lint and pet dander can all cause dirty air vents because they get caught on the dust filters and accumulate over time. If this problem is not addressed, they will form layers and will become a breeding ground for allergens, dust mites and infections.

While clean air ducts will not stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, they will help reduce the risk of airborne transmission, which is one of the many reasons why cleaning them is a must. There is no exact time frame when it comes to how often this task must be done, and your environment will play a role in the matter. With the current pandemic, more frequent cleanings are recommended, and Royal Carpet Cleaning can provide you with more information.

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