It’s important to be informed on how you can maximize your water damage claim when it impacts your home. Whether the ceiling starts dripping or the plumbing causes a leak, you’ll be grateful to have homeowner’s insurance to fall back on. It is supposed to ensure that you’ll be covered for all water damage when you make a claim; however, that is not always the case. Although most homeowners do have this type of coverage, their insurance companies often try to keep their claim amount low. Fortunately, there are ways around this to help homeowners get the water claim coverage they deserve.

Read on for the top tips to get the water claim coverage you’re owed.

1. Limit The Water Damage

When you realize you have water damage, you can take specific steps to limit its damage to your home. If you avoid doing this, the insurance company does have the right to deny some or the entire claim on the grounds that you did not intervene. The actions you take to limit the damage depends on the type of water damage your home has experienced. For example, if the cause was a plumbing leak, try turning off the water to your home. If it was a roof leak, then place a tarp on the roof to block the rain temporarily. It’s also in your best interest to contact water damage and roof restoration professionals to help limit the damage.

2. Collect Evidence

Insurance companies will likely ask for evidence to back up your claim of water damage so they can assess it. Take photos of the water damage and ensure you’re comprehensive. Include anything that could have caused the damage to the photo, such as a broken pipe or hole inside the roof. You may also want to take a video to supplement the images as videos can be more convincing if the claim ever has to be taken into court. You should also have written evidence, so ensure you create an inventory of the damage, including the overall value of each damaged item and how much it will be to replace it. 

3. Report The Damage

Once you have collected the previous information, it’s time to contact your insurance company. Ensure you do not delay it and put off contacting them, as this can jeopardize the claim. Even if you’re unsure of whether the water damage will be covered by your policy, you should still attempt to make a claim. The insurance company will inform you of whether or not you’re covered. Have your policy number on hand, as this is often the first thing the insurance company will ask you for. 

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