Our pets are more than furry friends, they’re family members to many. Just as we have to clean up after our kids playing or ourselves cooking a big meal in the kitchen, we often have to do the same care for our pets. Unfortunately, furry animals can transform your well-maintained, clean home into quite the mess, especially if your home is carpeted. Maintaining carpets can already be a strenuous task and will take additional cleaning tactics to ensure thorough cleaning and removal of the animal hair.

To keep your carpets clean and ensure a healthier environment for your loved ones, check out the four essential tips to clean a carpeted pet-friendly home.

1. Wipe Your Pet’s Paws

Most pets are not restricted to the indoors and spend some time outdoors as well. If you have animals in the home that spend time outside, ensure you’re actively cleaning and wiping their paws before they come back inside. Pets track a significant amount of dirt and even bugs on their paws, which can be brought inside and stain your carpets. Make it a routine to clean their paws well prior to each time they come back inside.

2. Purchase An Area Rug

Area rugs can not only complete and enhance the visual appeal of a room, but also keep the rest of your carpeted home clean. Place a large area rug in the living room of your home and train your pets to spend most of their time on the rug instead of on the rest of the carpet. This will minimize their time on the carpet and reduce the amount of dirt on it.

3. Have Your Pets Groomed and Confined To Certain Areas

Take your pets in for regular grooming and cleaning at the groomers to keep them happy and healthy and your carpets clean. Routine grooming sessions will keep their fur under control and reduce the amount of dirt they’re spreading into the home. Many pet and homeowners confine their pets to certain areas of the home, such as the first floor or living room area. This can mitigate and minimize dirt from being spread to other floors of the home or to bedrooms and the kitchen. 

4. Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Hiring Royal Carpet Cleaning’s professional carpet cleaning service ensures a meticulous, in-depth cleaning of your home’s carpets. Beyond the cleaning itself, we do pre-spot treatment to remove stains, use only the most effective cleaning solution, deodorize, disinfect and dry carpets and provide our customers with great advice to protect their carpets in the future. 

Royal Carpet Cleaning will give your home or commercial business the royal treatment with our thorough, affordable and high-quality carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning services not only make your space appear more visually appealing but also help keep the air clean to ultimately ensure your family and pet’s health. Carpet cleaning is a small but essential investment to ensure a clean home. Book an appointment with us for one or several of our services at https://www.royalcarpetcleaning.ca/book-appointment/.

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