Cleaning drapery is no easy task. From a step ladder to reach up to remove the heavy fabric for washing, drying, ironing and reinstalling them, it requires strength, skill and dexterity and a thorough understanding of fabric cleaning methods to do the job well. But it’s necessary to clean drapery annually or twice a month at least.

Drapes absorb airborne pollutants, dust, allergens, and dander more easily than the outfits you wear as they are exposed to airflow for long hours every day. They shield your home from the strong UV rays of the sun, hence the delicate fabric is prone to fading themselves. Your drapery is also a breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria and harmful organisms that have the potential to cause infectious diseases. They absorb fumes from foods, and absorb humidity from the air, creating potential conditions for mould growth. If you find drapery cleaning a hassle, it’s best to take the help of professionals to do it for you.

We provide quick, cost-effective curtain and drapery cleaning on-site with professional take-down and reinstallation in an environmentally-friendly way, leaving no toxic residue or waste. We understand that most drapery fabrics are not meant for washing because it leads to fabric and colour distortion or shrinkage. Our method guarantees no shrinkage or fabric damage, and we return your drapery smelling great and looking as good as new. Contact us to maintain a healthy home with fresh, fragrant hygienic drapes.

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