Hello, today is February 8th, 2013 and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been hit with upwards of 40cm of snow. We are packed in and making it a snowy white day, beautiful Canadian weather! This weather leads us to a very simple problem, pet accidents inside your home. And so this month we have been getting a lot of questions about pet urine and odors, and how to effectively remove them. At Royal Carpet Cleaning, all of our technicians go through a vigorous training process and this topic is so in-depth, that it takes one entire day in class just to understand the concepts behind pet urine and pet odors. We like to educate and provide accurate information to our customers by explaining some of the major concepts and strategies we have developed over the last 27 years in business. So reading forward we will give you some insight into how at Royal Carpet Cleaning, pet urine and pet odors are addressed.

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First and foremost, we must identify where the pet urine and/or odor are located. This step is critical as once the area is identified we can pursue effective cleaning options, but without knowing where the source of the problem is, eliminating pet urine and/or odors is impossible and ineffective. The human eye can only see very little surface stains and ones sense of smell can only hinder your mind, we need accurate detection and results. So… what our technicians learn in class and what we have been doing for many years, is to use a special Urine Detection Light designed to identify the areas in the carpet or home where the animal discards its urine and or odors. This method is effective and usually used if we cannot physically see the pet stains, or the homeowner does not themselves know where the source is. Most pet stains we encounter are either urine or vomit and so identifying them is as simple as locating a yellow urine spot which tends to be mostly found near walls or corners of the home.!   Once we have identified the contaminated area, we have to use a special process known as Pet Urine Rescue. To get the job done right we have derived a proven technique that ensures your home is completely free from the source that is causing the odors! Steam cleaning or deodorizing pet stains and odors is never enough nor does it guarantee any results. We have to use a specific solution that breaks the acid and odor particles inside the pet’s urine by adding special urine eating enzymes, this is known as enzyme rescue. Cat urine is even more difficult than other pets because the acidity level in their urine is greater and hence we need a special oxy formulated product to neutralize the odors and control the acid.         After the urine is directly addressed, we are well on our way to remove the odor as well because the contamination is being controlled by the enzymes. However we are still not done. We need to finally make sure that there is no bacteria or other harmful micro-toxic agents produced or remaining due to the pet urine and/or the cleaning process. To do this we use a specially designed disinfectant to completely sanitize the contaminated area. This disinfectant also ensures that bad pet odors are removed by breaking the link between the odor molecules. After this final process you can rest assured your home and these areas are clean. And because we used only the safest products, meaning non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for children and pets, you can be assured that your home is healthy. We have laid out the complete process for what we have to do to address pet urine and pet odor. Identifying the contaminated area, using proper cleaning agents to eat away the urine stains and odors, sanitizing the whole carpet or upholstery, and deodorizing them. This is a proven method and this way we have satisfied thousands of customers and if you call us, you will discover the difference too! Hope you enjoyed this blog and learnt why Royal Carpet Cleaning is the company you want to hire if you are ever presenting with pet stains and pet orders. Thanks for reading our blog!

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