Nothing looks as nice as a new carpet! Except maybe a freshly cleaned one, that is. Did you know that annual carpet cleaning can do a lot more for you than just look great? Carpet cleaning isn’t something you necessarily think about all the time, but cleaning your carpet is a great small fix that can be good for your home, health, and happiness. Here are a total of seven different reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned annually.

Keep your Carpet for Longer

The average lifespan of a carpet is anywhere between five and 15 years. By cleaning it annually, you are able to limit dirt build-up, breakage, and damage, ultimately extending the life overall of your carpet.

Keeps Air Quality Good

One huge issue with older carpets is that they can pollute the air if they aren’t properly disinfected. This, over time, will take a toll on your health, causing an unclean feeling in the air, and there may even be a constant odour in the air.

Can minimize and Remove Stains and Spots on the Carpet

When you spill things on the carpet, even clear drinks, you may create wet spots or, even worse, full-blown stains. By cleaning your carpet annually, you can remove spots that sit on top of carpet fibres and if you’re lucky, deep cleaning power can remove stains that have soaked into the carpet, even if the stains can’t be removed completely, their appearance may be minimized.

Minimize Bugs in your Home

Tiny bugs and dust mites could be living in your carpet. If you don’t clean it, you and anyone in your house could face severe allergic reactions and make it hard to breathe. A sign this is happening is that you may find your once seasonal allergies are all year round.

Can Save you Money

Annual carpet cleaning saves you from extreme cleaning costs and, of course, the cost of removal and reinstallation.

Preventative Measure

If you are not cleaning your carpet, there could be sticky and dirty bacteria build-up that leaves residue on your skin and clothing. Prevent this from happening when you clean your carpet each year.

Looks Great

Finally, clean carpets look and smell great! While your carpet may not really be new, it will look and feel good as new following a proper clean. Vacuuming is a good thing to do in between cleaning, but it doesn’t get everything out.

Don’t wait for your carpet to get really dirty to clean it. Cleaning your carpet annually is a great way to maintain pristine condition. Call the carpet cleaning experts at Royal Carpet Cleaning Brampton for all your carpet needs.

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